Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I love Yoko Ono's early art installations circa 1966 such as her "Yes Painting", "Cut Piece", and "Apple". Like Zen riddles, Ono's early work of conceptual art value the process of reflection they stimulate above any particular outcome. I enjoy her bold invitation to visitor interaction which transfigures the material at hand. I began thinking of ways in which I could combine expressing my thoughts and feeling through the action of art and utilizing that medium to communicate a greater thought; that our refusal to accept being human, which soon kills compassion, is tantamount to most of the worlds troubles.

My Unfired Clay Apple Sculptures 

"Apple" by Yoko Ono

These pieces "Forbidden Fruit" are part of a much larger installation, the "Paradise Lost" series, that is a work in progress. They are life size, unfired, clay sculptures. When finished they will be glazed and Raku fired for an individual effect. Once fired, these still fragile artifacts are but the memory and representation of apples. Made of clay, the earth, they are unique, but imperfect, natural, simple, and transient.

Forbidden Fruit in Genesis, these fruit can be transformed into actual food. When purchased, they will no longer be forbidden fruit, but giving fruit. Proceeds will go to assist those in need.

Me sculpting the clay

Me throwing the clay