Friday, February 8, 2013


Recently, I've been using a combination of under painting, sgraffito, scraping and tar to create multifaceted layers of texture and color. The results evoke a sculptured canvas that conveys mood and depth. The tar acts as a form of fossilization and reacts differently under various degrees of luminosity, revealing or concealing what it chooses. The ensuing pieces suggest work, whispering of the color contained underneath, color that you can no longer unlock.

"Sargasso Sea" 23"x45" oil and tar on canvas by Velvet Marshall (Sold)

"The Bridge-Over Troubled Water" (San Luis Obispo) 8'x8' oil and tar on canvas by Velvet Marshall

Our cat Whitey, who freelances as the chief art critic for "Cat Fancy Magazine", contemplating my new piece "The Bridge" in early morning sunlight.